North Hartford, ConnecticutNorth Hartford, which includes the Hartford neighborhoods of Northeast, Upper Albany and Clay Arsenal, is home to an active community of West Indian/Caribbean immigrants, African Americans, and Latinos. The area was once an industrial center, but the construction of Interstate 84, which isolated North Hartford from the economic activity of downtown, triggered a sharp socio-economic decline. Around half of the ~25,000 residents receive Medicaid and/or live below the federal poverty level. Other key issues include violent crime and food insecurity. North Hartford also has abundant assets, from Keney Park and the North End farmers’ market to its many churches, revitalized housing and the resurgence of the historic Swift Factory.

North Hartford’s designation as a federal Promise Zone (NHPZ) in 2015 mobilized a renewed spirit of collaboration among city leaders, local organizations and citizens on behalf of North Hartford’s 24,000 residents. The North Hartford Triple Aim Collaborative (NHTAC) was launched in 2017 as the Health and Wellbeing work group for the NHPZ, and also serves as the designated lead for other national initiatives such as Trinity Health’s Transforming Communities Initiative, Invest Health, and Wellville. With “backbone” support from the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, the NHTAC is coordinating the efforts of multiple partners, developing shared data and measures to track community priorities, and advancing initiatives focused on child/family wellbeing and healthy weight for all residents.

Wellville Focus Areas

The North Hartford Triple Aim Collaborative (NHTAC) aspires to achieve the community “triple aim” of:

  • Health (life expectancy and related measures)
  • Well-being (quality of life)
  • Value of investment (impact per dollar spent)

Current Updates

  • North Hartford Triple Aim Collaborative (NHTAC) backbone was established at United Way with co-funding of half-time staff director and other supports.
  • NHTAC was selected as one of four “reference communities” for design process of CT SIM’s Health Enhancement Community (HEC) initiative.
  • City of Hartford’s Department of Health and Human Services won a CDC REACH grant for the Hartford Healthy Family Initiative (HHFI).
  • Parker Memorial Community Center was designated as one of the 17 HUD EnVision Centers in the U.S.
  • Hartford passed the state’s first Tobacco 21 ordinance, supported by strong collaboration among the City, Trinity Health/Saint Francis, and the community engagement team who trained student advocates.
  • Plans continue to move forward on the Healthy Hartford Hub (HHH), a proposed mixed-use development which will combine a full-service supermarket and a variety of health-promoting services.
  • The 2018 DataHaven CT Community Wellbeing Survey was completed, including oversampling to obtain neighborhood-level measures in Hartford. These and other data sets will be part of the Greater Hartford Wellbeing Index, serving the Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) and Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs) of multiple local organizations and the city.
  • NHTAC agreed to serve as Hartford’s Local Prevention Council (LPC), a designation of the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), to facilitate public awareness and “upstream” work to prevent substance abuse disorders.