Lake County, CaliforniaLake County, with a population of about 65,000, is a 2.5-hour drive north of San Francisco. It takes its name from and surrounds Clear Lake, the largest natural lake wholly within California.  The largest employers are the health care system and local government, including schools. While the county enjoys the cleanest air in the state and an active local food movement, the county consistently ranks as one of the least healthy in California. Issues affecting health and wellbeing of residents include poverty, substance abuse, food and housing insecurity, limited educational and employment opportunities, transportation access and blight. During the summers of 2015 and 2018, devastating wildfires burned more than 171,000 acres of land, destroyed more than 1,300 homes and damaged dozens of commercial properties.

Wellville Areas of Focus

Collaborative Name Hope Rising
Wellville Coordinator Allison Panella

Wellville is working with Hope Rising, a collaborative of local health systems, county leaders, nonprofit organizations and other organizations engaged in improving the health and wellbeing of Lake County residents.

Collaboration, leadership and governance  Hope Rising board members are working to make the collaborative a self-sustaining organization, and has made progress in staffing and funding: they agreed to collaboratively pay the salary of a dedicated, part-time Managing Director, and invited key community organizations, such as Tribal Health, the board of education, and the police department, into Hope Rising as general members.

Housing insecurity and behavioral health Restoration House is a five-bedroom transitional home,  opened in September 2017 thanks to a grant from Adventist Health. It addresses the needs of “super-utilizers” of Lake County hospital emergency departments, police departments, and paramedics. Clients receive stable housing and intensive case management services. Building on this success, the  Hope Rising team received another grant, this time from Partnership HealthPlan, to acquire and develop the Hope Center for Transformation. Hope Center, currently under construction, will be a 20-bed facility that will also serve as a hub for county social and health services.

Opioid misuse The team continues work on its SafeRX coalition, formed in 2015 to reduce opioid misuse and to improve access to pain management alternatives for residents. The program has reduced overall opioid prescriptions for MediCal patients.

Community data platform Hope Rising members, including two local healthcare systems and the county public health department, are collaborating on a digital CHNA. Data platform provider Conduent will integrate the CHNA into a shared, public-facing data platform. Eventually the platform will serve as a public portal with data on more than 150 health indicators.