North Hartford, Connecticut is 3.1 square miles comprising three urban neighborhoods in the city of Hartford, Connecticut’s capital. Like many urban areas in the Northeastern US, North Hartford deals with many of the social challenges that emerge in the wake of a collapsed or relocated economic base. Once home to the Swift Factory, a gold-leafing business which drew its workforce locally, North Hartford now experiences high rates of poverty (49%), unemployment (27%) and life expectancy 11 years less than in surrounding communities.

Current efforts to transform North Hartford began in 2010. Then the non-profit Community Solutions, an organization focused on helping community solve complex social problems, established a partnership with local stakeholders and opened an office in the neighborhood. Their goal: “help a once thriving community stage a healthy comeback.”


Wellville Focus Areas

North Hartford is pursuing improvements to a “Community Triple Aim,” as determined by Community Solutions. See how they’re making progress on measures that will help them reach their goals.

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