Health Doesn’t Happen Without Help

We don’t know everything, but we know enough to find the best new and established partners to accelerate the process of health cultivation in our communities — at scale. Wellville is always seeking partners to help support the five Wellville communities and to spread and scale their efforts.

Our approach is to support the Wellville 5 in much the same way that a startup accelerator supports a promising business idea and leadership team. In this case, the community is the startup – and the community’s product is health. Just like a business startup, the community sets its course, develops its plans, negotiates with suppliers, measures its impact, and changes course as appropriate. Along the way, we’ll help the Wellville 5 make course corrections where appropriate and connect them with health and policy experts, solution providers, funders and investors – all with an interest in testing and financing innovative health strategies.

These some major themes & challenges we see across Wellville. We’re always looking for local and national partners to help us tackle these issues and scale best practices and programs.

Health & Well-being
Trauma-informed care and resilience
Substance abuse and addiction
Strengthening families
Early childhood development
Food availability

Leadership development and team dynamics
Funding for local and regional programs
Community engagement strategies

Data & Measurement
Best practices for community-level data-gathering
How to surface, coalesce and share lessons in a way that is actionable

Greater Wellville

In addition to the Wellville 5, we have created a larger network of communities called Greater Wellville. This network, which was seeded by the 40-plus communities that applied to Wellville, engages other communities in peer learning and connects the Wellville partner network to other local opportunities.

To join the Greater Wellville network or to learn more about partnering with Wellville, let us know.