What Could Health Equity Look Like?

Wellville CEO Rick Brush has been invited to be part of a 24-member team of systems leaders that will use a technique called scenario planning to identify and begin addressing disparities in health outcomes. We know that good health happens when individuals have access to high-quality health care; appropriate educational opportunities; sustaining, if not satisfying, employment; adequate income; a safe community environment; secure housing; public safety; and more. The burning question is how do we get there. The vision of the project is, “to devise and implement robust, boundary-spanning solutions that produce meaningful and sustained improvements in the lives of individuals and communities.”

The initiative is being supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Reos Partners and will bring the team together for three, 3-day sessions in March, April and May of this year. Facilitating the sessions will be Jacqueline McLemore and Adam Kahane. Kahane is the author of a seminal text in the field, Transformative Scenario Planning: Working Together to Change the Future (San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler, 2012).

We look forward to the outcome of this project.